Fixed! MacBook Pro 2019 13 - eGpu Bluescreen (BSOD) in BootCamp with Aorus Gamin...
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Fixed! MacBook Pro 2019 13 - eGpu Bluescreen (BSOD) in BootCamp with Aorus Gaming Box  


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Hello! For MacBook Pro 2019 13 inch, you can use any of the latest builds of Windows 10. This method has been tested with MBP 2019 13 with an i5 processor and Iris Plus 645 integrated graphics.

Fix bluescreen/bsod problem:

You may Download from Google Drive.

Note. Now it is not necessary to place the devcon64.exe file in the System32 folder, everything works by default.

You may import "Scheduler-BTDisable-At-Login.xml" to Windows Scheduler for automatization Bloetooth disable at login.

If the ID of your Bluetooth device on the PCIe bus is different, you can specify it in the device properties and change the disable_bt.bat and enable_bt.bat files accordingly. For your Account folder, you may need to change the path to .bat files in the shortcuts settings.

I use RTX 2070 Aorus Gaming Box. Drivers were installed after cleaning with DDU.


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MBP 2019 13'' (Iris 645), MBP 2019 16'', iMac Pro on Vega 64, RTX 2070 Aorus Gaming Box

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Bro your disabled does not seem to work? I still got the BSOD when I hot plug my Vega 64 into my 2019 mbp. Does yours still work?


To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.