Magic Keyboard in Windows Insider (Fast)
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Magic Keyboard in Windows Insider (Fast)  


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Currently I have two setups. A MBP 2016 15" and a MBP 2020 16". In order for me to utilize eGPU for the 16", I was required to install a version of Windows Insider. This lead to various issues, including my Magic Keyboard not working in this version. On my MBP 2016, the issue was solved easily by checking off "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" under a Bluetooth driver in Device Manager.

However, this does not work the same for my MBP 16". I've tried looking for various driver settings, installing other drivers (that lead to breaking my eGPU setup), but to no avail. I am hoping someone here has experience with the same issue I have.

A weird thing is that my AirPods are working fine. It's just that my Magic Keyboard is not working.

When I check the drivers, I see this:




On my MBP 15" everything is installed correctly.

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