MBA 2018 / Razer Core X / V56 or GTX1080?
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MBA 2018 / Razer Core X / V56 or GTX1080?  


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Hi all,

Finally got my Core X and looking to buy the gpu. For the most seamless experience is there a fits-all (Mac OS + W10) gpu, or would I need to make some modifications in W10, and will those need to be done for every restart or just once? I wasn’t sure from the guides.

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If you are running Mojave (which you are) Nvidia cards do not currently function.

itsage has a couple of build guides with the latest air and came to the conclusion that the CPU was quite a limiting factor. With that in mind I would recommend an RX 580 to avoid bottlenecking.

Can't comment on MBA builds as I don't have one but I only needed to set my Windows up once, once its done its usually good (bar updates causing issues or driver corruption which is just a windows trait).

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