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NEW AMD Thunderbolt motherboards

NEW AMD Thunderbolt motherboards  


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It seems that Asrock will sell X570 motherboards that have Thunderbolt ports !

So far I could see 2 of those motherboards. See below reddit links for more details.

Asrock x570 Aqua



Asrock x570 ITX


I was wondering how to connect Thunderbolt devices to a PC painlessly, and it seems this is an answer. I suppose this will be the time when Thunderbolt standard will gain a lot of popularity.

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This is great! I wonder if it's direct CPU or through the motherboard chipset pcie. Should be the latter since the new ryzen 3rd gen have pcie 4 as a standard.

Use case will probably be thunderbolt storage, with GPUs it makes more sense to go direct into the desktop. That said, for software where you can tap on multiple gpus, you can just add an egpu box and use it as an additional GPU.

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Good to see AMD motherboards with Thunderbolt 3. Keep in mind these boards don’t have certification from Intel yet so it’s going to be a while before we have official TB3 support on AMD systems.

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