Noob question - do people use docking stations, or does the egpu enclosure serve...
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Noob question - do people use docking stations, or does the egpu enclosure serve that purpose?  


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Hi there-

   Sorry if you think this should be obvious, it wasn't to me.  I see almost no docking stations listed in the builds I've read, but I'm not clear on whether that's because the egpu enclosure makes it unnecessary, or because docking stations are too generic to be worth mentioning. 

   The reason I ask is that I'm preparing to start a build using a Yoga c940, and for Yoga owners, docking stations are *not* generic - from reading forums it looks like people have a lot of problems with both the official Lenovo offering and some of the other popular generic options.  The main problem is charging (or rather not charging) the laptop.  None of the yoga builds mention problems there, but I don't know if that's because the egpu enclosures tend to have more power and not have charging problems, or if it's because most people had a functional dock before buying the egpu.

   So what I'm hoping is that I can just avoid that whole problem and kill two birds with one stone, by following an existing guide (probably OversizedMattress's Build with the Razer Core X Chroma) and not buy a separate docking station at all. 

If it matters: my laptop is the 14" c940, and the peripherals will not be anything fancy - keyboard, mouse, two monitors, maybe a few usb things.  Haven't picked a gpu yet. 

Thanks in advance!

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@pdx_guy, Many of us are chasing the one-cable docking dream. The appeal is through a single Thunderbolt 3 cable, we can charge the laptop while expanding graphics capability and many ports a typical ultrabook lacks. I would recommend checking out the Mantiz Saturn Pro.


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