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PCI-e bandwith issue | Disconnecting peripherals

PCI-e bandwith issue | Disconnecting peripherals  


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It seems the problem is rather common, haven't found any remedy that works for me though.

I have Latitude 5480 + Sonnet Breakaway with RX5700. The performance is really great - I can play common titles on 4k display with freesync no problem. But.

All of my peripherals connected through a USB hub (ORICO A3H13P2), which is connected to single USB port on a laptop, so only three ports are used - TB3, power and USB. I have a pretty common issue regarding devices connected to the hub - they do randomly disconnect, like "blinking", not even disappearing in the device manager. I tried connecting them directly to the laptop, changing USB port used on the laptop, disabling the dGPU (as it is using some PCI-e lanes), changing the power plan, disabling selective suspend and disallowing suspend of the device for power-saving in device manager. None of this worked for me. The issue persists not only when gaming, but even while doing pretty simple stuff, and with about 30% of system load.

As I see, the problem lies solely in the PCI-e bandwidth - it's just not enough for eGPU and USB simultaneously.

Are there any remedy for this? I guess I should've trusted Intel Thunderbolt utility when it said "eGPUs are not supported"...

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