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PCIe Ethernet in Thunderbolt docks  

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Dima Novosad
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@khronokernel, You are god! This so informative! By chance I have it setup so that my eGPU is on the left and a small USB-C to USB3 converter on the right however I also have Belkin Ethernet on the same side. So far things been okay, but this is such huge information like for example you can't just get any dock and expect it to work at full blast in conjunction with egpu or daisy chaining devices. Even if you take Core X Chrome, it make is very obvious once you start hooking up Ethernet and usb peripherals - since the egpu box shares the same bandwidth via one single port you can really notice the latency. This is why I opted to just routing everything of off the MacBook instead. But still I really wanted to get a really huge dock but now I am realizing that my best bet might be to just use what I have or disconnecting the small USB converter and actually trying the hub that comes with Eve Spectrum monitor. I'll test it out and report back on this.


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