Plugable USB-C Voltage and Amperage Meter
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Plugable USB-C Voltage and Amperage Meter  


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Power Delivery is one of the nice features USB-C has. In macOS, you can find this information easily by checking the Power tree in System Information. Not so easy with Windows or other OS. This nifty widget from Pluggable shows Voltage, Amperage, and Current flow. I've tried it with Apple 87W AC Adapter as well as eGPU enclosures and the passthrough worked fine, no interference with functionality. Higher wattage chargers may not show full amount until the system runs hard. For $20, this is a nice tool to have around. Here are a couple of pictures:

Apple 87W AC Adapter 15W PD from AMP BOX Mini

Here's screen captures in macOS System Information > Power:

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