Samsung Smart TV causes unexplained performance hit
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Samsung Smart TV causes unexplained performance hit  


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I have a Samsung un50nu6900 TV that I've hooked up my eGPU and 2018 MacBook air to. I have an AMD PowerColor RX 570 in an Akito node 3 with a ~12" passive tb3 cable. I'm getting frame skipping on VLC in 4k decoding, which is not happening on my BenQ EL2870U. I toyed around with all the settings on the TV, turned off all the imaging enhancements and other potential culprits, turned on "Game Mode" (although that should just deal with input lag), but I'm not sure what I'm really doing. Why would this be happening? They're both 4k monitors. Why would my eGPU be chugging harder to decode 4k on one Monitor versus another?

UPDATE: Upon further inspection, the performance I'm getting with this HEVC decode is looking suspiciously like the performance of my integrated graphics. I'm not sure it was ever decoding on my eGPU at all. Could this still be an issue with my smart TV or does Catalina not even support HEVC decoding on eGPUs? I can't seem to figure this out.

UPDATE 2: Answer: NO. At least not on my setup. I confirmed via the Activity Monitor GPU histogram that h264 decoding is exercising my eGPU, but the exact same file encoded in 4k HEVC/.h265 exercises the INTERNAL graphics and not the eGPU. It may have been that it worked on my other monitor for some reason, but I can't physically get to it at the moment to confirm. It's a damn shame this doesn't work and I wish Apple would add this support. Has anybody else experienced and or fixed this issue?
UPDATE 3 (disregard previous update): Answer: YES using IINA and my above mentioned setup. Upon recommendation, I downloaded the IINA player and that decodes my 4k HEVC file at full speed! Oddly enough looking at the GPU histogram it seems to be using both the integrated graphics and GPU in concert, but it is definitely utilizing the eGPU. No question about that.
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