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Should I buy a Monitor?  


Andrew Pham
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So I have a Sonnet breakaway 550W with a 1660 super graphics card, and I use it on my HP Spectre x360 15 model. It works fine, but when I try to play cyberpunk 2077, it never goes above 25 fps even on complete low settings. I am pretty sure I have a strong enough graphics card. So I am wondering, should I connect the egpu to a monitor display instead of just using my laptop screen? Would that make a difference? I just dont wanna spend some more money if i can avoid it since I already dropped 500$ to make this egpu already. Please help! Im new to this whole eGPU thing

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You will get an improvement connecting directly to an external monitor. The connection between computer and eGPU can only handle so much data. When connected to a laptop it's sending data to the eGPU, and then returning the result over the same connection. Hooking it directly to a display means more bandwidth is available and that will feed your graphics card faster. The improvement varies between games however.

Suggestion: Connect your eGPU to an external display you have handy (a TV, borrowed display from a friend, etc) and try playing it at the same settings you'd play on your laptop. If the resultant gain warrants the purchase of a display in your mind then... yea get an external display.

I'd wager that an external display would benefit you regardless since it brings a lot of benefits (larger screen, better posture ergonomically for you, etc).

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