Surface pro 8 + surface dock 2 + egpu?
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Surface pro 8 + surface dock 2 + egpu?  


Stefan M.
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I am about to receive my new surface pro 8 (i7/16GB) together with the surface dock 2, which I will use to drive my current 2* 4k monitors @ 60Hz.

I want this to replace my current desktop (9 years old) as well as my surface pro 5. So just have 1 device for everything.

My main purpose for this laptop is for work (I am a PLC programmer), but I am thinking about getting an additional egpu case (Razer core x) to boost up performance when I am in the mood for some gaming or need some more GPU power , using the 1080 ti to from my current setup (GPU was upgraded 3 years ago).

Is it possible to keep the monitors running via the surface dock with the egpu attached or is this dumb? I know I will loose some performance, compared to plugging them in the egpu directly, but I only want to attach the egpu when I actually use it. Electricity here is super expensive and I want to cut down everywhere I can, also the reason I want to throw out my desktop.

I want to keep everything stationary, plug and play and don't tinker with cables/adapters/settings when I switch.
So just attach the surface dock when I work at the PC and only adding the egpu when I need the extra boost. Would this work and be usable? Or is there another, smarter solution?

Replacing the dock completely with the egpu case makes me worry the surface won't perform the same way with power delivery over TB 3 compared to the surface connector. And I will miss the convenient magnetic connector😅. Also the power consumption isn't the most efficient with the razer core it seems, since it alone draws more watts in idle than the laptop itself...

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@stefan_m_, Adding an eGPU enclosure alongside the Surface Dock 2 will work just fine. Power Delivery will be from the Surface Dock 2 because it has higher PD compared to the enclosure. You will lose some eGPU performance when graphics acceleration is through loopback mode to power the two monitors connected through the Surface Dock 2.

Personally I would skip the Surface Dock 2 and go with an eGPU enclosure with expansion ports such as Mantiz Saturn Pro, MasterCase EG200, or Razer Core X Chroma. They provide plenty of Power Delivery for the Surface Pro 8 (up to 100W). You'd get a direct connection from eGPU to the 2x monitors for max performance.

I have been using a MacBook Pro at my work office in the past two years with an eGPU for similar needs [build link]. The eGPU takes the load away from the iGPU and therefore keeps the entire setup very cool and quiet.


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