VR with newer EGPU enclosures  


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I've done this in the past with the Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 box and a Akita Node with a EVGA 2080 (corsair sfx psu), and it worked fine on machines where I disabled the internal nVidia card (otherwise there was an intermittent stutter). 90hz with HTC Vive works fine I've found. However I got a Valve Index a while back and found that apparently it doesn't work at 120hz with both setups. When I asked Valve they confirmed last spring (original Index release timeframe) that they were only able to get 90hz and it wouldn't work reliably at 120hz with EGPU setups. Has anyone been able to achieve this recently? I've not bothered to try again, but wondered if anyone else had or had been able to hit 120hz with a Valve Index reliably with some setup?

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