Weird AMD eGPU Behavior compared to Nvidia
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Weird AMD eGPU Behavior compared to Nvidia  


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Context: Using dell xps 15 9570 with i7-8750h, 16gb ram, cooling pads on the pch. recently upgraded from gtx 1070 ti to RX 5700 XT in Razer core X. Playing at 1440p144hz.

Basically, some games will run perfectly fine, but with rainbow six siege and warzone specifically, it has pretty pitiful performance under weird circumstances. Basically in r6, when I'm looking away from building/objective, I will hit 100% gpu usage and get high frames (160fps+) but when I look towards/in the building my gpu usage GOES DOWN and I drop to ~60-70 fps. You would expect GPU usage to go up, and when using the 1070 ti I get the same gpu usage and fps (~120) when looking at the building and looking away. Obviously in siege you are always looking towards/in the building so this is unacceptable.

Same for warzone: Looking at lower intensity areas gives MORE GPU usage than looking at high intensity areas. I can tell for both because when I look towards the building in siege or in high intensity areas in warzone, the fan speed goes down and even off in some instances, but when looking away from building or at low intensity areas, the fans ramp up again and the usage is back to expected.

Already tried:

DDU, undervolted cpu and locked at 3.4 GHz already. No throttling. Disabling integrated gpu didn't work either.

At this point I'm thinking of selling this rx card or trading it on hardwareswap for some rtx card. This is really frustrating as my obvious gpu model upgrade proved to be a downgrade in some cases. Hopefully someone has a solution out there. 

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.