What fps should I expect with my eGPU?
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What fps should I expect with my eGPU?  


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Hi all, spec in signature. What fps should I expect?

Currently playing gears 5 on ultra settings @1440p. In game I get c60 fps on average, but this drops heavily to c30fps when the action moves to large open areas.

The integrated (gears) benchmark tool says c40fps. This seems too low to me...

I’m using Dec red adrenaline drivers, as April one wont load Gears 5 (goes to black after initial intro) + I’m NOT using MSI afterburner as this caused the code 12 error when using the April drivers  - didn’t even allow me to modify the clock speed.

I understand there may be some drop in fps using an eGPU as opposed to having a graphics card directly plugged via PCIe into a gaming stack, but what sort of drop should I expect? I keep hearing c15-20%

Additionally what recommendations do ppl have to optimise fps? I keep hearing of tools such as;

  • MSI afterburner - but how do I prevent code 12? Is this because my integrated 560x is not disabled?
  • Quick CPU - what recommended settings do ppl suggest.

All guidance and thoughts welcome!


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