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My video card has 2 dvi ports and 1 hdmi port and my screen only has vga port. I intend to buy a cable that converts from DVI to VGA or HDMI to VGA, does that affect anything?

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I reccomend you getting either since theres no difference, maybe get a dvi port since you have 2 of them vs 1 hdmi which you can connect to a better monitor in the future

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What is the exact model of the video card and display? If a DVI port is actually DVI-I instead of just DVI-D, then you should use a DVI-I to VGA adapter because DVI-I includes analog VGA signals. HDMI or DVI-D to VGA adapters must do extra work to convert digital to analog, and may not support the full range that the graphics card or the display supports. That's not a problem if your display is low resolution or refresh rate. It may be a problem if your display is a CRT and you want to use high resolutions and refresh rates like 2048x1536 75Hz.

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