WILL G-Sync Work with this EGPU setup? - Lenovo Yoga 920 Ultrabook + EGPU (Mantiz) + Geforce 1070 + Acer Predator Z35P (35" 4k G-Sync Monitor)  


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November 19, 2017 9:59 pm  

Hey guys,

I’ve been researching a ton to get an idea about how to build my setup. I have the Yoga 920 Ultrabook for work and now Im getting the Mantiz EGPU with an Geforce 1070 card in it. So the question is, will G-Sync work through the Mantiz, since the Yoga 920 doesn’t support G-Sync.

I didn’t find this info anywhere, but if anyone of you have tried this and can give me some input I would be very thankful.

Thanks / Hilding

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December 16, 2017 7:18 pm  

This is probably too late but just wanted to answer your question in case someone else stumble upon this.

YES! G-Sync will work just fine if you output your eGPU signal to an external G-Sync capable monitor

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