XPS 13 9360 with Akitio Thunder 3 : Monitor pb
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XPS 13 9360 with Akitio Thunder 3 : Monitor pb  


Gabriel Divet
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I managed to make my 1050Ti detected by Windows, updated the good drivers and did everything that was necessary.


As you can see, my GTX 1050Ti looks like being at work.

Although, my external monitor (BenQ GW2470HE) connected by HDMI does not show any signal ("No signal !").

Do you guys have any idea ?

My thunder3 is connected with the original thunderbolt 3 cable provided by Akitio, and my HDMI cable does work nicely with my USB-C->HDMI dongle.

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Not trying to insult your intellect, but did you try switching between screens on windows? When you go to the Nvidia control panel, can you see your external monitor detected there at all?

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