1065g7 with dGPU vs 1165g7 without dGPU
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1065g7 with dGPU vs 1165g7 without dGPU  


gerd fuafsljfe
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Hi all,

I have a question for some of the experts here. I read somewhere that the new Intel Iris XE graphics should yield performance similar to the NVIDIA MX250. On userbenchmark it even says that Iris XE is quite a bit faster: https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GeForce-MX250-vs-Intel-Iris-Xe/m762458vsm1268515 .

With this in mind I thought about switching from my notebook with a 1065g7 and a mx250 ( https://egpu.io/forums/builds/2020-lenovo-yoga-s740-10th4cg-rtx-2070-super-32gbps-tb3-razer-core-x-win-10/ ) to one with a 1165g7 and no dGPU. But then I did some more digging and in most youtube videos which do gaming on the Iris XE Graphics the FPS are far lower than what I currently get.
For example this:

They get an average of 43 FPS on rocket league lowest settings where I get a stable 60 FPS.

Can someone who was tested a 1165g7 laptop and the internal graphics tell me if your experience is similar? Is there a good explanation? Maybe there is just not enough power/cooling to have the iGPU and CPU running on full throttle or maybe its a driver issue or something else?

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@gerd_fuafsljfe, I would not make the switch since your laptop is arguably a better performer off eGPU. There are many factors that determine gaming performance, TDP and cooling system being most critical. 


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I second itsage & would like to add: the thing your are considering is a sidegrade AT BEST, and I guess it`s not worth the hastle. I`d say you are better of saving that money for a future notebook.

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