2018 13-in MacBook Pro, XG Station Pro, Gigabyte GTX 1080 FTW?
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2018 13-in MacBook Pro, XG Station Pro, Gigabyte GTX 1080 FTW?  


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I've tried these two guides (in different attempts):

1) Mid 2018 13" Macbook Pro Touch Bar + [email protected] (Aorus Gaming Box) + macOS 10.13.6 & Win10 1803
2) Mid 2018 13" MacBook Pro Touchbar + GTX [email protected] (ASUS XG Station Pro) + macOS 10.13.6 & W10 1803

For the Boot Camp Windows implementation, I've used VMWare Fusion to install Windows 10 on an external SSD w/ a USB-C enclosure.

Between the attempts, I erased the main disk, and then reinstalled macOS (leaving the smaller 2ish gb partition alone).

In neither case, I have been able to get About This Mac to show the GTX 1080. I really don't see anything jumping out at me that it is connected. On Windows side, I can get the GTX 1080 to show in Device Manager, but I see Code 43 in properties. Another "interesting" bit is that it appears that the Iris 655 or whatever isn't setup as I tried to load World of Warcraft just to check (I had copied that one to NAS and moved over) and it complained about lack of 3D acceleration. I read up on Code 43 and it seems to be driver related. So with that, I attempted to uninstall drivers with DDU (Nvidia uninstall) and reinstall via the Nvidia package that was listed on their site (following the DDU guide). No luck. I tried to find Iris 655 drivers for Windows 10 (or OSX for that matter) and failed (I think 650 I could find). I figured maybe it was firmware for the XG Station Pro giving me issue, so I attempted to install firmware updates from their support site: it wouldn't install due to lack of Thunderbolt drivers. As far as I'm aware, the support package that was part of Boot Camp installed everything correctly (it ran, it said it had completed) so I'm guessing Thunderbolt drivers were there. I saw something on here and someone used NUC drivers (I believe for their gaming NUCs) to get past that message and that didn't improve it at all for me.

Does anyone have any recommendations how to get this working? Honestly, I could settle with OSX being kind of lame duck (though obviously would rather it work on both), but Windows is pretty imperative if this whole desktop replacement setup is going to fly.

Thanks for any help or guidance that can be given.


edit: from what I'm gathering from [GUIDE] keeping iGPU activated when booting into Windows using apple_set_os.efi, I'm thinking perhaps the Iris 655 not working was due to the eGPU. I'm not 100% sure as I don't think I had the EGPU plugged in at the time, but could be wrong there. Will update if I think I find anything of note in relation to this.

edit 2: I reattempted itsage's guide but this time I didn't "remove limitation" in purge-wrangler and based on mac_editor's recommendation in another thread, I put the eGPU on the right hand side (back left is charging cable, front right is eGPU). Unfortunately, same results.

edit 3: after another reboot, nothing changed, it is allowing for external display connected to eGPU in OSX. I’m not certain it has the 1080 configured because I don’t see it in the system items, although I do see the XG Station Pro on controller 1 (at this point, I have charging cable and external SSD on left, eGPU on right. Going to have to get Henge Dock Stone in here somewhere). But that’s an improvement. Windows side: it detects the 1080, no code 43, and really nothing changed here except connected on right hand side of MBP. It took a bit, but after it auto installed a few things, external display loaded up. However, I notice even though I set global settings to use the Nvidia within Nvidia Control Panel’s Manage 3D Settings, Battle.Net and WoW still aren’t leveraging the NVIDIA 1080. I went to individual app settings and added both exes and told it to use global default, no dice: still can’t start 3D acceleration and in the system tray I see an icon for the 1080 that shows apps currently using it and at no point in opening those apps do they render there?

2018 13 in. MacBook Pro (16GB RAM/2.7Ghz i7) / ASUS XG Station Pro / Gigabyte GTX 1080 FTW