ARM-MacBookPro & iPadPro & eGPU?
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ARM-MacBookPro & iPadPro & eGPU?  


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ARM is clearly on the way to us.

We already have iPadPro now, and we will see the ARM MacBook or even MBP next year.

The question is: what is a arm-mac, it only have an A series chip for both CPU and GPU or there is still an AMD GPU there.

This is interest. Now iPadPro already have enough GPU power form it's A12Z chip. But if an ARM-Mac needs more from GPU or the next AR feature needs more GPU power, what will apple do:

1. add another self-made GPU chip inside of the arm-mac.

2. support a self-made eGPU modular box with a USB4 port.

3. add an AMD dGPU just as before inside of the arm-mac.

4. support AMD eGPU with a USB4 port


Does apple's A series chip with a cooling thermal system enough to replace Intel CPU + AMD GPU? or apple made GPU themselves?

Or just replace Inter CPU, keep AMD there to collaborate as before?

Would there be eGPU for ARM-Mac still then?

What do you think?

OK, I guess if apple is still the apple I known. It will

1. make an ARM-Mac totally on their own. it means it will be a big multi core AxX chip replace both CPU and GPU.And a new cooling thermal system on it so it could be more powerful. No Intel and AMD anymore.

2. would there be an eGPU anymore? If apple made all things by themself, there is no 3rd eGPU anymore,no 3rd company could do that too. Would Apple supply a eGPU? I didn't think so. Now most ppl needs a eGPU for Gmaing or VR. Because they are beyond the limit of the Mac, Apple won't let it happen again on their arm-device. No game in the appstore will beyond the limit from the iPad&iphoen. so does the AR/VR. So there is no needs anymore for eGPU. And apple won't have it too.

This is my conjecture. ARM is a real game changer. Apple will get its integrity finally. The entire ecosystem will be completed in the next 5 years.

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