Can a USB 2.0 to ExpressCard Adapter work for eGPU setup via GDC eGPU docking st...
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Can a USB 2.0 to ExpressCard Adapter work for eGPU setup via GDC eGPU docking station for an Asus X555LA Laptop?  


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I am on an extremely low to nonexistent budget and have an Asus X555LA laptop. I have zero means of buying a desktop right now as it's out of the question. So I am trying to upgrade my laptop because I stream and Streamlabs OBS is not working with my capture card because I need more power (for consoles like the Switch, and PS3 that dont have streaming capabilities like the PS4). A friend of mine is mailing me his old Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050. So I am going to make an eGPU setup with my laptop.

The specs are here - Asus X555LA Laptop

only difference is mine has a full 12GB of DDR3 RAM and Intel 5th gen i7, 5500 integrated graphics.  This laptop has no ExpressCard slot, nor thunderbolt 3 compatibility and it would be a pain in the ass to open my laptop and install it via the miniPCE slot. Now what I'm thinking is buying a USB 2.0 to ExpressCard adapter as shown here

USB 2.0 to ExpressCard Adapter

That way I can just use this for my eGPU setup to save me the hassle of prying open my laptop. Obviously it will be the standard setup with a PSU, a GTX 1050, theexp gdc pci-e adapter via ExpressCard, and my laptop. 

Will this setup work with a USB 2.0 to ExpressCard adapter? or will it not work, and I'm stuck with the option that I have to take apart my laptop and take out the wifi card to install the mini PCI-E cable as with most typical low budget laptop eGPU setups?

Help please. I can't find any information regarding this on google, or my laptop model

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The answer is no. PCIe rather than USB is required for an eGPU. There is a US$7 eGPU adapter to keep costs low. Then consider a permanently threaded flat cable you can attach when docked to the eGPU, or detached and carried with you when mobile.

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