Can you force Macbook Pro to turn on when EGPU ins turned on/connected?
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Can you force Macbook Pro to turn on when EGPU ins turned on/connected?  


Malthe Emil Blichfeldt
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Does anybody know if you can force the Macbook Pro 15' (2019) to turn on automatically (without opening the screen first) when en EGPU is connected?

My setup features a Macbook Pro 15' 2019 + Razer Core X + rx 5700xt. I usually turn off the Razer Core to save power over night (the rx 5700xt is lighting up and fans are spinning occasionally if i dont). Obviously i use the "safely remove egpu" feature when shutting my macbook down, but this means that every morning i have to open the lid of the Macbook to turn it on again. It's very inconveniently places behind my monitor with short wirering to make more table space at my small desk. It would be great if i could just turn on the Razer Core and the Macbook would turn on when detecting the input (after all that is the charger).


Perfect scenario:

Turning on the EGPU (Razer core X) is like turning on a desktop computer.


What i got now:

Turning on Razer Core does nothing to the macbook and i have to inconveniently fish it out from behind the monitor and open the internal screen with very limited space and short wirering that often disconnects in the process.


I imagine there could be some sort of setting you could turn on on the Macbook - like "turn on when input is detected" or something like that.



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