Egpu builds for VR gaming
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Egpu builds for VR gaming  


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Brand new to egpu, 

Exploring minimum builds to support VR gaming.

Got a clevo P170 (Gpu/cpu is upgradable) going to try it with an oculus rift S VR setup.

Rift S requires minimal PC resources.

My P170 has a GTX 980M 8 GB, which is a good baseline to work with (4th gen i7)

Going to try and build a M14X R2 with an egpu as well.

VR is Gpu hungry, but pretty easy on cpu, 4750 intel is the usual VR minimum.

Another angle (left field) are dual GPU laptops of which are rare other than M17 aliens,

clevo P300, 700,800 series.

Another forum had a clevo P370EM build, (3rd gen cpu)

2x GTX980Ms in SLI

firestrike benchmark 18093

On my iPad ATM so will provide links later.

My point here is 2 cheaper GPUs in SLI with an EGPU may prove to be the most cost

effective setup.

$ wise 2x gtx 1060 3 GB each,

can be bought for around $100 each (fakes of course)

what are your thoughts, and is their egpu units out there with SLI capability 






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