eGPU freezes Ubuntu 16.04 after a while
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eGPU freezes Ubuntu 16.04 after a while  


Souparno Adhikary
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Here's my two pence. I am a theoretical biophysicist (simulation guy) and to have a portable lab setup of my own (which I can fit in a suitcase), I went on to upgrade my laptop with an eGPU. Bought a Zotac GTX 1050Ti, EXP GDC Beast 8.4D mPCIe(after checking the compatibility) and a local (Indian) premium grade power supply (some Clarion 550W). I have a Lenovo Z510 bought in 2014. I upgraded the RAM to 16GB and working flawlessly.

I sacrificed my wlan card to put on the mPCIe adapter. Changed the graphics to UMA only in BIOS and got my eGPU detected and working in no time.

The problem is, even when no job is running, the Ubuntu 16.04.1 freezes after a while sometimes (most times). I have to hard reboot the laptop and it starts working again. Xorg log and syslog don't give me a clue as there are no entries regarding this. I already blacklisted snd_hda_intel and nouveau. I am using nvidia 410 drivers with CUDA 10 toolkit. Most of my softwares use CUDA to expedite calculations.

Can you help?

Update: I upgraded my nVidia driver to 418 and CUDA to 10.1 and recompiled the GROMACS 2019. It worked flawlessly for 12 hours, then after a reboot, it again freezed after 1-1.5 hr.

Update: After observing the incidents, I came to the conclusion that it might be because of the trash emi protection that exp gdc cable gives. I'm going to put two layers of aluminum foil around it and then a black tape. @nando4, can you tell me will that be enough? And I also want the aliexpress link of that generic extender.

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Lenovo Z510, i7-4702mq, igpu- gt 740m, memory- 16gb, external gpu setup- GTX1050TI with EXP GDC Beast 8.4D powered by a Clarion 550W PSU. OS- Ubuntu 16.04.1