eGPU on MacBook Pro 2016 13" with touchbar
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[Solved] eGPU on MacBook Pro 2016 13" with touchbar  


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Good morning to all,
I have a MBP 2016 13" Space Gray 256GB SSD with Touchbar, bought originally to work.
I really love Apple world and I prefer to not sell it (even if I'm open to that idea..), but now I have changed my job and I can't use my MBP to work anymore..
With the old job, I used a business Lenovo notebook at home for gaming (not much expensive games).

Now I have an HP for the office and I have the MBP at home for some games.. But gmes will work with very low details and it isn't a very good experience, as you can imagine..
After all, I would like to do some questions:
- It's better to sell it? I could take about 1350€, but I would like to not spend more than 500€ for another gaming notebook, but I will listen to you.
- What do you think about a box+eGPU on my MBP? I can gaming on MacOS and Windows with Boot Camp.
- If you tell me about an eGPU, which model of box and GPU? I don't need the top, obviously, but a good quality/price relation.

I'm waiting for some advices

Thank you!


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There's tons of 2016 MBP working with eGPU in the build guides man!

But with only 256GB, you'd like have to bootcamp from a USB drive.  I have a 512GB.  I use reFIND, and have a few scripts in windows to fix the audio device needing to be re-enabled.  It's more hackery than I want.  If you can get what you say for used, I would just sell it and go for a solid gaming laptop, like the new Dell G3/G7 series.  The new HP Omen 2018 coming in late July (at least in the US) looks even more tempting due to a slimmed down design.

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I was fortunate to have a GTX 1070 already, so all I needed was an enclosure. As usafballer said, you’ll probably be better off slapping Windows on an external drive, since you have a 256GB drive. Not saying you can’t put Windows on there, just that things
will get cramped pretty quick. I’d look at the Samsung T5 if you go this route. Here’s a guide for that process:
There’s a helpful list of enclosures on, so browse the builds and see what works best for you. I thought about getting the Gigabyte Gaming Box at one point, but chose to use the 1070 I already have in a Sonnet Breakaway 550. To get the eGPU working in Windows 10 without any graphical glitches, I followed this

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