Hard Drive Encryption on Bootcamp Macbook Pro
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Hard Drive Encryption on Bootcamp Macbook Pro  


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I have a 15" 2015 MBP, and currently use a radeon 580 in a Akitio node through a thunderbolt 2 adapter. I use EFI boot from a flash drive to enable the egpu, accelerating an external monitor. I am looking into encrypting my bootcamp partition with either bitlocker or veracrypt, like my OSX is encrypted with filevault. Is it possible to do either and retain egpu capabilities? 

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In theory, enabling Bitlocker shouldn't affect the eGPU Usage as the system will ask for a password (unless the TPM module can be used) prior to bootup.  

Worst case scenario, Bitlocker Encryption can be disabled after encryption is completed right in Control Panel if the end result is not the desired one.

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