[Help] HP Omen Accelerator & RTX 2070 intermittent crashing. Lenovo X1 Tablet 3r...
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[Help] HP Omen Accelerator & RTX 2070 intermittent crashing. Lenovo X1 Tablet 3rd  


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Hoping for help identifying the source of problems. I have a 2nd hand Omen and new HP RTX 2070, attached to an X1 Tablet 3rd gen (i7 8550u, 16gb) via what I believe is the original HP Thunderbolt cable. Output via the 2070 to a 1440p screen and using the tablet display and a secondary. Mouse input is bluetooth direct to the tablet.

Approximately x3 over an 8-10hr work day it crashes. Sometimes the OS freezes, with no response, no audio, only a stuck screen. Other times the tablet screen goes black, remains backlit, with the power light on. All output stops to the ext. display. The GPU fan stops spinning and power delivery to the laptop stops; no other signs of life from the Accelerator.

Another possible abnormality is that the RTX fan decelerates intermittently and briefly from the idle speed. Roughly each minute but irregularly. Afterburner records the fan tach reduction with preserved fan speed and no changes on any other readout.

Both of the above happen at idle without warning. 

I have successfully benchmarked with Heaven and tested modern games on Max settings without issue.

Hopefully you can help with the following:

  • Can I find or create a useful error log?
  • Could this be the Accelerator PSU? (4x 12V rails, 10A 18.5A 12A and 12A respectively)
  • Or the main PCB?
  • Or an issue with the 2070 itself?

This will have implications as to which parts I return. Since I bought them on Ebay at good prices, returning a working component will be costly.

I have no easy way to test the card separately, nor another card to test the PSU/PCB. I would like to avoid buying another card or desktop to do this and cannot borrow easily.

Thanks in advance.


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