Help me choose. Should I buy a Intel laptop for egpu?
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Help me choose. Should I buy a Intel laptop for egpu?  


Larry B.
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Hello, I'm from Greece and I'm trying to choose the best laptop for me. At first I was going for a budget gaming laptop in order to buy a big pc in the near future. I thought that this will cost me around 1800-2000€.
So I thought that it's best to buy a premium laptop that will be future proof, at least for the next three years.
I will need it for gaming, video editing etc.
I'm between these 2:

The first has a ryzen 7 4800h with A rtx 2060,
The second one has a Intel i7 9750h with a rtx 2070.

The first has a better cpu and the second one a better gpu.
I really think that the second one is better because it has a thunderbolt 3 and therefore I can buy a egpu in three years when me internal gpu may feel obsolete.
Do you think that the i7 cpu will be a problem for my future proof plans?
I saw the benchmarks and it's worse than the ryzen but too close, just a little behind.
Do you think that the idea with the egpu is a bad one?

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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If it`s mainly about the gaming you should go with the "dell g5", as most games are GPU dependant.

The 2070 mobile is quite powerfull - it will be hard to best this via an eGPU.

At least you should do some research before buying an expensive eGPU setup:

- TB3 will give you an performance hit about 20%

- 9th core H CPUs have the TB3 connected to them via an seperate PCH that will limit performance even more!

All the best


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