How should I wire internet to my laptop with eGPU setup?
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How should I wire internet to my laptop with eGPU setup?  


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I recently got my first laptop that doesn't have an ethernet port so I'm exploring options of how to have wired internet. On the laptop I have a free USB-3 port and a free HDMI port. The graphics card in my Razer Core X has a free USB C port and 3 free DisplayPorts (I don't know if DP-to-ethernet adapters are a thing even).

Not sure if it matters but I assume it would be ideal to run it directly into the laptop rather than through the eGPU hardware... I've seen HDMI-to-ethernet adapters but are those just for extending HDMI or does that work fine for wired internet? If it does work, is there any reason to prefer bringing ethernet into either the HMDI port or the USB-3 port, or should they function the same?

Any insight would be appreciated!

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