Oculus Link & eGPU: Thunderbolt 3 Bandwith limits?
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Oculus Link & eGPU: Thunderbolt 3 Bandwith limits?  


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Hi all,

I am currently running the following setup: Dell XPS 13 (early 2020) with a Razer Core X Chroma and a Nvidia 2070 Super. Everything works fine. Recently got a Quest 2 that I am currently running wirelessly via Virtual Desktop. However, I wanted to try out a cabled connection (mostly for sim racing) but as usual, would need to think about how much more I can connect to that USB A hub on the back of the Razer Core eGPU: already have a keyboard and racing sim wheel running  through it.

Anyone here with experience on a similar setup? I think my best bet would be to hook up the say 3m USB C - USB C cable from the Quest directly to the Dell XPS as I have a leftover slot, but keen on hearing what people think. Also, how much of an impact does all that USB A equipment hooked up to the Razer Core really have on FPS when it comes to TB 3 bandwith?


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