Resizable Bar Support for EGPU's - Possible?
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Resizable Bar Support for EGPU's - Possible?  


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Out of curiosity now that Nvidia has released resizable bar support for all 30 series GPU's is this feature even possible through an EGPU?  I was unable to flash a new VBIOS to my 3060ti over thunderbolt the tool failed.  I could throw it into a desktop and flash it that way but I am not sure if my Razer Stealth chipset will support it or if it is even possible over thunderbolt.  Can anyone chime in or have any insight? 


Other features that EGPU users miss out on compared to Desktop? 

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@mbliss11, It might be possible but there could be issues with error 12 following the firmware update as reported by @jb_reyes [link].


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Yeah thanks @itsage

@mbliss11 I think it depends on your system if it supports it (be careful and read link).

I successfully updated the firmware of my 3070 in my eGPU but afterwards I can no longer use it (Error 12).

I tried my card on a compatible PC, and it works flawlessly with the ReBar firmware update. So... for now I suggest to not do it in eGPU

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I would agree with that. The performance increase even on a full 16x PCIe bus is negligible outside of some use cases where it actually can move the needle. I don't see it really making any appreciable difference on an eGPU.

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I can confirm that Resizable BAR support (aka Smart Memory Access) is enabled and working on the 8-lane PCIe3 Asus XG Mobile following last week's firmware update. I have no idea if this will be work for Thunderbolt connections.

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As noted, I suspect performance gains will vary by specific titles and use cases. If anything, I'm guessing it may open possibilities / remove limitations for game developers to take advantage of in the future. 

Does anyone know if the feature can be disabled in software? I'd be curious to do more comparative testing. The testing I did in Control didn't show an obvious difference although I expected a slight improvement.

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support is also required in the bios, so maybe that's where this issue is occuring?

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