RX 580 Aorus Gaming box + late 2013 MacBook Pro - Dota 2
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RX 580 Aorus Gaming box + late 2013 MacBook Pro - Dota 2  


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I finally received my first eGPU yesterday and got it up and working with my MacBook last night.
The first thing I did was run some benchmarks.  Geekbench 4, Valley, and Heaven all came back with much much better scores than what my laptop was able to get stock.
I was excited that everything seemed to be working so I downloaded and booted up Dota 2 to see how much better the game ran now compared to before.

Unfortunately the game was basically unplayable.  I'm not sure what's going on.  It seems like the eGPU and the mac  CAN run the game at 1440p with all settings set to high, but the moment that I push the cursor to the edge of the screen and thus move the camera across the map...the game will drop from like 90 fps down to like 5.  Sometimes when a fight was happening and i would try to move the camera to see what was going on the game would basically freeze for a couple of seconds.  I would have to guess where to place my attacks because the performance would drop so much that I wasn't able to respond to what the enemy team was doing as they were doing it.

It seems like I'm hitting some bottleneck.  Thunderbolt 2?
When I ran Dota 2 before on the laptop, I was using the built-in screen and running off the built-in 750m.  If I put all the settings down to low, the MacBook could actually run the game pretty smoothly. 
Right now I have a 27 inch 4k LG monitor hooked up to the eGPU.  I tried setting the graphics so that the game was running at 1080p with all the settings on low, and the game was still so laggy that there was no way I could actually play competitively and/or be a help to my team.

Am I missing something here?  Anybody else have bad laggy gaming with eGPU through thunderbolt 2?  Is this a known issue I wasn't aware of?

Any help appreciated.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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