Ryzen laptop and eGPU  

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I am looking for a new laptop to do some eGPU tasks.
- Is Thunderbolt the only available interface for eGPU?
- Is it possible to do eGPU with an AMD Ryzen laptop?

So far I found no Ryzen laptops with a Thunderbold interface...

Posted : May 25, 2018 5:31 pm
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I was looking for a Ryzen laptop with eGPU feature too, but no luck so far.
However I think there is some hope for the future - namely speaking Oculink PCIE standard which will enable connecting some remote I/O devices.
It is already appearing on the server market in Intel and AMD motherboards, so I am hoping that with the adoption of PCIE 4.0 standard next year it will start appearing in normal PCs and laptops.


Just yesterday Wendell from Level1Techs posted a video of a working Thunderbolt with a AMD Threadripper PC
Funny thing is it works better than on Intel processor. Hopefully it will be possible with a Ryzen laptop soonner or later

Posted : May 28, 2018 6:51 pm Pietro Mele liked