Samsung Series 9 notebook 9 pen - model NP930QA
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Samsung Series 9 notebook 9 pen - model NP930QA  


shebzy hubaishi
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Greetings all , 
Sadly some manufacturers are not clear with the information even after uploading a 3rd revision of the laptops manual 🙁 .

I cant tell if this USB-C port is a TB3 port in speed from this 8th generation motherboard from Samsung Series 9 Notebook 9 Pen model NP930QA.
However , its mentioned that this USB-C port on the side also works as an Auxiliary power for charging this laptop.

 - Since im traveling alot and landing at home base at times with just less hours of free time in these years of my life, if this option is feasible im considering in buying a eGPU and plant it back in my cribb where i would be able to utilize the power of this notebook with the EGPU connected to a 144hz monitor.
i hope this USB-C port can provide me atleast 5GB/s or more because im not interested about running the games on ultra preset options, since il be only playing Quake Champions & Reflex Arena Games@low graphics preset@1280x720 just for gaining the highest FPS with the lowest response time delay in-game is my main concerns requirements.  

& Thank you all.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.