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[Solved] Slow moving windows  


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Hello there, I'm not quite sure if this is the right space for this but if not just let me know, I'm running into a small but somewhat annoying issue, specs wise I run a HP 830 G5 with an i5 8350u, 16gb ram and a nice speedy 256gb nvme drive along with a lenovo legion booststation housing a 1tb 860 QVO ssd and a reference 980ti and into this I have plugged in 3 1200p monitors, I use displayfusion and one of the things this allows me is to drag a window from one monitor to the next and have it move without having to minimise move and then maximise as I'd have to with windows' own multi monitor management which I find quite lacking, the issue that I'm running into is that more often than not this will take upwards of 4-5 seconds to actually move the window which isn't much use, now, I have had it working properly once and the only thing I recall doing different was basically just leaving it alone for a few hours while I was downstairs helping my father with something, I'd rather not have to leave it alone for that long each time, but then I'm not even sure if that's what fixed the issue at this point, I should add that other than this the system performance is fine, no real slowdowns to speak of and game performance is where I'd expect it to be, if anyone has any input or advice I'd be happy to hear it, many thanks in advance

HP elitebook 830 G5, i5 8350U, 2x8gb DDR4 2400, 256gb nvme, lenovo legion booststation with reference 980ti and a 1tb 860 QVO