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TB3: GL702VM and GS73  


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This post is for people like me who were looking for confirmed information about Thunderbolt 3 in 17 inch ASUS GL702VM-DB71 (6700HQ) and 17 inch MSI GS73 (gs73009).

After thunderbolt 3 invention I was seeking for a laptop that could handle eGPU. By that time it was known that Dell XPS 9560 had a crippled controller JHL6240, so I decided to buy ASUS GL702VM:

  • on website it was stated that it supports 40GB/s (link), as for GL502VM - no such info (link);
  • it was stated to be compatible with ASUS ROG XG STATION 2 (link)

So I had no doubts in this laptop and bought it. After the purchase I found the well known topics about GL502VM and thunderbolt 3 (link and link). With fear in my heart I checked my laptop and found:


Yesterday the laptop for my wife arrived and we checked thunderbolt 3 there:



So for anyone who still has any hope because of the unconfirmed rumors, gossips and assumptions:

  • ASUS GL702VM - is not fine, it has a crippled JHL6240 controller that supports only 16GB/s with eGPU - 2 lanes.
  • MSI GS73 STEALTH PRO - is fine, it has a proper JHL6340 that supports 32GB/s with eGPU - 4 lanes.

Some people state that 16 is enough for eGPU - link.

For those who have ASUS here are some positive news:

  • We have an empty M.2 slot that is belived to be faster than thudnerbolt 3 with controller. So we can use this implementation - link. There may be some problems with an error 43 (link), but we can use AMD Vega soon... someday, maybe.
  • We have an easy access to copper radiator that can be cooled with DYI tubes (link)


P.S. After a quarrel with a mediocore ASUS technical support they contacted the factory. The factory stated that they will soon publish some information about thunderbolt bus. Lets hope it will be like this.

After such a scam from ASUS no wonder that they can become a challenger of MSI.

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Thank you for posting your findings. We can summarize this as:

eGPU Setup 1.35    •    eGPU Port Bandwidth Reference Table

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Thank you for sharing your findings. This is very helpful for others looking to buy one of these laptops.

As we see more laptops with Thunderbolt 3, the TB3 controller will definitely be a crucial specification to know.

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Thanks a ton, I have the GL502VM on my watchlist of potential buying for eGPU, now I can safely cross that off, the lack of info from ASUS is not acceptable.

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