Thunderbolt4 and backwards compatibility oddities.
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Thunderbolt4 and backwards compatibility oddities.  


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So today I was trying to setup some old TB1 equipment with my TB4 system (Yoga 14s ITL) using the Apple TB3 to TB adapter. This has worked before with my ZBook G4 with no issues.

To my surprise, the TB1 devices would either not be detected by the system at all (Thunderlink TB1 to PCIe enclosures) or would immediately bluescreen the system (Sonnet Echo Expresscard/34).

I have a few TB3 to NVMe adapters and also a TB3 to PCIe adapter, and these seem to work with no issues, but none of the old equipment works with my TB4 system via the TB3 to TB adapters.

I find this pretty odd: Has someone here run into something similar?

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