Trying to decide on setup for video synthesizer and 4k video
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Trying to decide on setup for video synthesizer and 4k video  


Matthew O'Connell
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I'm trying to decide between upgrading my machine and getting an EGPU.  I'd love any feedback on my specific situation.  (I've done plenty of forum searching here, but don't have a clear idea of which setup would be best.)


I'm working on a couple 4K video editing projects using Final Cut, and a couple video synth projects using VDMX and Lumen.  My current setup is


Macbook Pro 13", 2015, 8gb RAM, Intel Iris 6100, 2.7ghz dual core i5

Dell 2715Q 4K monitor


Using Final Cut, VDMX, or Lumen on this setup is just not working for me.  It's profoundly slow.


So I am trying to decide between 

Option 1 Keeping my 2015 Macbook and getting a EGPU setup for about $550.

Razer Core X

Radeon 580

Thunderbolt 2/3 adapter


Option 2 Upgrading to a 2020 13" macbook pro ($1999) and hoping that the integrated graphics can handle 4k video editing and running Lumen and VDMX smoothly.  (I don't want to get a 16" because I can't travel as easily with it.)


I would love it if the EGPU worked, but I've heard mixed results with trying to use an EGPU over TB2.  Also, I wonder if some of my issues stem from only having 8gb ram instead of 16gb.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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