Work from Home eGPU Setup
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Work from Home eGPU Setup  


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As the pandemic continues wreaking havoc, many of us have gotten used to work from home. While self-confinement has its downsides, we should consider ourselves very fortunate to not be in the front line such as health workers and other essential employees. I am grateful for these individuals and encourage everyone to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by staying at home as well as putting your computing resources to help find a cure.

At Work eGPU Setup: 13-in Macbook Pro + VisionTek Mini eGFX + Dual Acer Monitors

 Work from Home eGPU setup: 13" Macbook Pro + Core X Chroma + Samsung CHG90

Our eGPU community is in a particularly interesting space. The majority of us have been using a very adaptable computer setup, an ultrabook that can quickly connect to an eGPU and other peripherals. The versatility and mobility of external graphics solution really shine when employers are given little choices but to have their staff work from home on short notice. My packing list from the office contained a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a small notepad.

The IT department at my company was well prepared for this sudden change. VPN through WatchGuard, Remote Desktop for internal resources, and project collaboration through Microsoft Teams to name a few. I'd like to use this post for our community to share work from home eGPU setups as well as ideas to keep ourselves focused and productive. Stay safe and we'll get through this!


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@itsage, have been using my 2019 13” MBP from work connected to eGPU and 3 4K monitors and it’s been great. This setup is way better than what I have in office anyway (2x 1440p) so I’m not feeling any downsides to WFH besides the lack of face-to-face interaction. Setup is basically like this, just with a different MBP as host:

Notably, with the 13”, having an eGPU driving external displays vs. iGPU does allow for slightly higher compute/CPU performance (code compile, indexing, etc.) so its a win all around for me. iGPU does tend to choke a little with multiple high resolution monitors. 


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