2 of 4 Monitors stay black after sleep
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2 of 4 Monitors stay black after sleep  


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i have an macbookPro 16", bigsur and with external razer X + sapphire rx580 8gb with


- two LG 32UK550 Monitors, each connected via HDMI Cable (standard HDMI cable that came with the monitors)


- two LG 27UK850 Monitors, each connected via DP Cable.


In like 40-50% of the time when i wake my Macbook Up from sleep, the two 32" Monitors stay black.

But they are obviously kinda active because, i can go with the "mouse cursor" in the "dead areas". its not that all windows will be distributed over the two 27".


I can get only get them two back to work if i plug the thunderbolt cable from the eGPU and plug it back in.


How can i solve this problem ? Is it a software problem or does a high quality cable maybe helps ?


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