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2014 Mac Mini w/ Purge-Wrangler + AMD 570 via eGPU recognized, not smooth play o...

2014 Mac Mini w/ Purge-Wrangler + AMD 570 via eGPU recognized, not smooth play of 4k content  


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The basics:
2014 Mac Mini connected to a Razor Core X eGPU running an AMD 570 graphics card.  Using Purge-Wrangler I am able to get the Mac to recongize the card.  Running Cinebench it goes from the native speed of 22 fps to 64 fps with the eGPU.  Geekbench also shows the eGPU is working great and activity monitor shows that the eGPU is working.  I'm connected using an apple T2 to T3 adapter from the eGPU in to the Mac Mini with a T2 cable.  I've tried using the HDMI from the mac mini to the TV as I always have, as well as unplugging that and running the the HDMI from the eGPU to the TV.  Currently using an panasonic plamsa 1080p TV with no DP port, but plan to get a 4K TV shortly.  For now want to make sure I can play 4K 60hz movie content with Plex or VLC. 

The problem:
Although everything points to the the eGPU functioning properly Plex and VLC is very choppy when trying to play local 4k content.  In fact, there is no difference if I use the eGPU or not for playback, it's still maxing out the processor although the activity monitor shows the AMD is working.  I've gone in to settings in plex and ensured hardcore encoding is on copy-block (I've tried each setting) and still no benefit.  This is running from an internal SSD so should be no bottleneck there.  I ran BruceX test in FCP and without the eGPU it took just over 2 minutes to render the 5K file.  With the eGPU it took 19 seconds.  So why is this struggling to play a 4K .mkv file? 

Thanks a ton for any help you can provide. @mac_editor

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