5700XT + Ableton Live DAW = Audio Crackles
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5700XT + Ableton Live DAW = Audio Crackles  


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Hi all,


I have :

Mac Mini 2018 

3.2 GHZ i7 6-core

64 GB Ram

Catalina 10.15.7

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt (Audio card)



Powercolor AMD Radeon 5700XT

Razer Core X


When the eGPU is connected, I am experiencing audio pops & crackles while using Ableton.  When it's not connected, everything runs fine.  

If you google, Ableton & 5700XT, you'll find many other clueless users who can't figure out where the crackles are coming from who are both on PC and Mac, so I think the issue really lies with 5700XT and Ableton. 


In a couple cases, PC users were able to change PCIE in their BIOS from Gen4 to Gen3 and reportedly stop the crackles, but aside from that I could not find anyone who had a solution.

I'm posting this to see if there are any other ideas.  And to ask if there is a way I can switch my PCI slot from Gen4 to Gen3 on the Razer Core X hooked up to a Mac, so I can try that solution as well?




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