A spark of hope for the XG Station Pro + NVIDIA Titan XP + MacBook Pro w/ Touch ...
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A spark of hope for the XG Station Pro + NVIDIA Titan XP + MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar Late 2016  


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Yesterday I installed my NVIDIA Titan XP into the XG Station Pro, and today I could finally try to get it work with my MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar Late 2016 that was updated to 10.13.6. I tried several options to get the eGPU to work: installing `purge-wrangler`, `macOS-EGPU`, manual installation of the NVIDIA web drivers and the NVDAEGPUSUPPORT-v9 and finally I tried the Pure EFI installer from goalque ( https://egpu.io/forums/mac-setup/two-new-egpu-solutions-on-macos-10-13-4-pure-efi-and-hybrid/). Except from the last options, nothing happened. The eGPU lights are on but the fans are not spinning and the eGPU is not recognized by the system profiler or LuxMark. The troubleshooting guide didn't provide any help unfortunately.

But the latest option (the Pure EFI) seemed to recognize my Titan XP card for the first time during the installation process (a notification window popped up from MacOS). It then asked me to unplug it to finish the rest of the installation. However, when I booted with the option key, selected EFI and logged in, it was not recognized anymore (both system profiler and LuxMark). I tried to boot with the eGPU plugged-in and with the eGPU unplugged but both didn't seem to work out in the end. The fact that the video card was recognized during the installation process gave me a little bit of hope but I am stuck now, and I would really appreciate some help to debug this issue further and get it work. Thanks in advance.

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I'd recommend doing a reinstallation of macOS 10.13.6 in Recovery mode so that your system files are back to normal. The easiest solution I found is Purge-Wrangler. It'll take care of Nvidia web drivers installation too. I've used it many times with my 2016 15" MacBook Pro and ASUS XG Station Pro + 1080 Ti.

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