"About This Mac-- Graphics" when using Internal Laptop Display
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"About This Mac-- Graphics" when using Internal Laptop Display  


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Hi eGPU.io community:

I noticed that when I am using only the internal display for my laptop (an Early 2015 13" MacBook Pro) the integrated graphics card for my laptop is listed under the Graphics section in About This Mac. To be clear, there is no DisplayPort cable leaving the graphics card. The only connection is over Thunderbolt. In my case, this is Thunderbolt 2 using the purge-wrangler script.

My PCIe Graphics Card still shows up in System Report and the enclosure is recognized in the Thunderbolt bus section as well. 

Does anyone have any feedback as to why this occurs?

Thanks! Smile  

Early 2015 13" MacBook Pro
MacOS 10.15.5 (considering downgrade to Mojave)
ASUS Strix AMD Vega 64 8GB
Razer Core X Chroma