Akitio Node eGPU is not detected issue, might be your solution
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Akitio Node eGPU is not detected issue, might be your solution  


Arden Lim
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Several days ago, I found my MacBook pro 15" can not detecting eGPU on both macOS and Windows 10.

The conclusion is that the PSU in the Akitio Node seems to be died for some reason, you can see the Akitio Node is under the thunderbolt bus, the lights will on and the fan will spinning but the mac(either macOS or Win10) just won’t detect the GPU in the Akitio Node. So I purchased a new SFX PSU(the size will fits in the enclosure). For my circumstance, it's a corsair SF 450.

For anyone who has the same issue, don’t  forget to make sure that the GPU is not died(seems not very possible because of the graphic cards durability ) before you purchase a new power supply. Of course, you could try to replace the power supply first if you have one that works.

Hope this could help, peace.

Updated several hours later:
Well it seems that the original PSU is not died. So, actually, I don't know the specific reason of eGPU detection issue here. However it was solved after I replaced the PSU. Even the original PSU works again! Since the problem is solved, for now, I'll keep using the enclosure day to day to see if the issue will show again. Roll

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