AMD SoftPowerPlay on macOS Big Sur?
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AMD SoftPowerPlay on macOS Big Sur?  


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I was wondering if it's still possible to modify the kext to enable the AMD PowerPlay features? The reason I ask is I have a MSI Airboost Vega 56 and under macOS (10.15.6) it keeps trying to activate a fan stop mode (this card does not support this, and under Windows it runs perfectly fine), and it runs way too warm. It becomes too hot to touch the rear pci plate, but the core itself doesn't seem to be overheating. Again under windows the card operates perfectly fine, so it's a macOS issue.

Regardless the fan behavior for this blower card isn't acceptable under macOS so I used to just modify the fan curve using VGTab to have it activate at a far lower temperature. This has basically solved all my issues, but is it still possible to modify the SoftPowerTables under BigSur? I think we need to use the KernelManagement util to sign our modified kexts? Would I need to keep SIP off as long as I'm using this modified kext?

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