Any improvement on Parallels 15 with Catalina and eGPU?
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Any improvement on Parallels 15 with Catalina and eGPU?  


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Asked this a while back and the performance then was poor. Anyone know if it has gotten better with Catalina? What kind of performance do you get with Parallels 15 and eGPU out of Catalina?


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There was a lad on reddit saying the performance in games neatly matched native windows with the latest build but didn’t really back those claims up with much. 
not particularly helpful either but that’s all I know...

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This is my most recent 3dmark run from 2 weeks ago:

This is Radeon VII egpu on external display with catalina 15.1 and Parallels 15.

I did try running elder scrolls online in bootcamp and the fps was under half what I get on the same hardware on the moltenvk "native" macOS client, which itself is about 2 thirds the fps of boot camp.  I didn't try any other games though and it is possible some games run better under parallels than ESO.

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