AORUS Gaming box keeps randomly disconnecting
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AORUS Gaming box keeps randomly disconnecting  


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So about a year and a half ago I bought the GTX 1070 to use with my 2016 MBPr 15". It was working well but then my Macbook went into the shop for repair, but shortly after that i sold it.

Then I was using the Gaming Box with my work laptop Lenovo T470 and it worked fine for the most part but occasionaly the eGPU just disconnected. When it happened i had to disconnect the power cable wait a few minutes and plug it again then it worked fine. But later on i built a desktop pc with the 1070 from the box.

Moving to the future I bought a RX 560 that is supported in MacOS and put it into the box to use with my 2018 13" MBPr (4 ports). But i am having the same random disconnect problem with the box.

I have tried swaping the power cables, TB cable (currently using Apple TB3 cable) but nothing seems to help.

Is there anything i can do with this or do I just have to buy a different enclosure?


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Macbook Pro 2018 13” - 4TB3 ports + AORUS Gaming Box with RX560