AsRock X570 ITX-TB3 Dual Boot eGPU woes
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AsRock X570 ITX-TB3 Dual Boot eGPU woes  


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After being an egpu user for quite sometime I bit the bullet and have started my way into the sffpc world.

I just finished up building my NZXT H1 ITX build with Ryzen 5 3600. Setup is as follows

Running the latest Windows 10 and macOS Catalina 10.15.5


Ryzen 5 3600 


Apple Thunderbolt Display

Old School Apple Pro A1048 Keyboard

Magic Trackpad 2

Akitio Node Pro with Noctura Fans and Seasonic Gold PSU. (Built and used with my MacBook Pro's)


Since I have a Node Pro with upgraded PSU I figured Id try my hand in EGPU for future reference as I'm going to do a SFF Chopin/B1/Milo10 build with the X570 board running a APU ultimately. Since AMD APU is not supported with macOS I will have to run eGPU when I want to run macOS, hence why I'm trying to get this to work on my current build before starting the next for validation.

Im running into issues though and hoping the pros can chime in and help. 


I have tried both a Vega 56 as well as a RX580 in the EGPU and the results are as follows.


The Vega 56 is seen in macOS but drivers are not loaded to it. Error Code 12 yellow flag in Windows 10

The RX580 is seen in macOS but drivers are not loaded. Windows 10 is working with AMD X Connect properly. 


Any idea as to why macOS is refusing to load and see the GPU in the eGPU?

Screen Shot 2020 06 21 at 7.52.23 PM

Its the final piece before I pull the trigger on another board. 

2016 MBP Touch: Razer Core X Vega 56-macOS 10.14.3 Windows 10 Eyefinity 2012 MBP: Akitio Node Pro SST-SX650 Noctura Fans GTX-760 Dual Boot 10.14.3 Windows 10