Black blotches on screen while gaming on MBP
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Black blotches on screen while gaming on MBP  


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Just bought the Tropico 6 on Steam a few days ago and today I discovered that gaming with an external thunderbolt 3 enclosure on built-in screen has been a far less enjoyable experience than what I had expected. 

I am using an AKiTiO Node Titan enclosure with an AMD Vega Frontier Edition 16gb running as the graphic card. My laptop is the MBP 13 2019 with the minimum configuration(8gb ram, quad-core i5, two thunderbolt ports). I am using a dummy DisplayPort connector for my enclosure in the belief that it would accelerate more. 

When I run the game however, there are some serious visual imperfections, largely coming from the black rectangular blotches the evenly distribute across the screen. Later I went on to discover that by enabling anti-aliasing it would reduce their visibility to a large extent. However, they are still there and it's just harder to notice. 

I want to know whether these blotches are eGPU-related and I am open to any suggestions on making gaming experience more enjoyable on Mac.(e.g. connecting to an external display...)

Screenshot 2020 09 08 at 7.18.43 PM

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